Friday, January 25, 2013

A High Street Revolution

A revolution is taking place, led from the 
unlikely surroundings of a toy shop attic.
A passionate team are perched in a studio set in the eaves of a Jacobean building in Somerset

We believe in the contribution that independent shops make to all our high streets. And love the quirky, interesting and different choices that bring life them to life. We believe these stores are the beating heart of our high streets and keep our communities vibrant.

The idea taking shape is big, it enables independent retailers to join forces and fight the decline. We have a vision of an exciting high street of the future. Under the umbrella of it’s now possible to find your favourite shop, explore new ones and buy your discoveries on-line.

We will delve into this world of unusual products, the faces behind the shops, share exciting stories that take shape. Come on this adventure with us and we will introduce you to some of the wonderful people who live and breathe their stores and the unique nature of our British towns.

An idea born in a toyshop was bound to be colourful.  Who knew it would be so visionary too? 

Next week we are featuring exciting ideas for Valentines day!

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